Year End Flashback: Ode to EdBd

Edit: Yeah, it’s not really an ode; but exalted emotions follow, minus the lyric/poetry.

We have this saying in the Editorial Board: this yearbook is a culmination of countless hours of lost sleep, missed meals, cancelled dates, arguments, heart breaks and friends lost over time.

It took us 7 arduous months to get the writers to churn out the very best they could produce, and then get the artists to illustrate them by wringing out every last bit of creativity they have, and then get the photographers to painstakingly arrange for photo shoots managing 2000 people, and the database to sort and name them, and the designers to put it all on 502 pages, individually, from scratch.
(By now we can literally tell you what font we used on which page, from memory).

..and of course, then comes the huge set of fiascos for which we have a separate folder called “Fuck Ups”, to which we attend to, to make sure the yearbook is wrinkle free.

There was never any hype about the yearbook. People know of our existence only a couple of times over a year. We are this official body tucked somewhere in AB1, that makes the yearbook. Then why do we work so hard, day and night?
It is because, we feel it’s a good idea to gift the outgoing batch a chunk of their best memories in college, well documented on paper. With the hope that some day when we graduate, someone will do the same for us.

I’ll be very honest, some nights were nothing short of a nightmare working at the Editorial Board (EdBd). I particularly remember this period of two weeks, when I my grades were falling, was burdened with work from people and clubs, and was heartbroken due to a major personal crisis. I was broken, emotionally, physically, and mentally; all at once. I cried my eyes out; twice, accidentally deleted 2 GBs of work, and once ditched the team because it was all too much to deal with.

I never thought I could last this whole phase.
But here I am, with an awkward smile, half shrugging, but fully overwhelmed by the moment, collecting the yearbook from Shenoy sir.
Why? Because the EdBd – no, more specifically – this little coterie of the Night Team, held each other up at the worst of times.


Among the other aforementioned things, this yearbook is also a culmination of moments of joy, lessons learnt and more than just a few strokes of individual genius from all of us.
I don’t think any club can give you memories/adventures like the ones we had in our tiny little room in the Student Activity Centre, mainly after midnight.
(It’s an unpoken requirement of the EdBd really, to be nocturnal).

And yes, I’ve probably have had more all night perms than any of you! Perks of being in EdBd.

This yearbook? It’s our baby.
Despite it’s (minor or major, whatever) flaws, it’s beautiful.

It is Taabiir, it is the interpretation of our dreams.
..and that’s the end of this chapter :)

PS: I kept this rather short because I have too many individual memories to narrate them all here :P




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