Year End Flashback: My class

Section N - Copy

As I walked into NLH 205 for the first time, all eyes turned on me; as they would have for anyone else. We were 80 strangers, assembled into one section, that was about to bind us all together for the next ten months.

Section N was formed. And with was born a few blank pages in all of our stories, that the class would fill with memories, together.

I remember, it was Rakesh Reddy that I first interacted with. First day was great! Our first ever class in college was cancelled, due to Prof. Giridhar Kini being a busy man. Next we had PSUC, and oh the horror. He stood as a live testimonial to the dread people have towards the CSE faculty in the college.

The first week was all about random socializing. Yet, a few in the section were guilty of not knowing everyone’s name. We reaaallly took a long time to actually open up, and go beyond being acquaintances. We failed to organize a class party for the first sem.

Second semester was much more happening. Groups started getting formed and people became friends. And funnily, the same people I hardly got along earlier, were suddenly my friends. SKD, specially you!

Our class got an amazing set of professors over both semesters; well, except for a couple of specimen. You know who I’m talking about :P

Over the first sem, we lost the basketball tournament, the Inter-Section debate and in second sem, cricket and football. Basically, we have never won anything as a class. We are the quietest class, we aren’t the loudest. Neither the calmest not the wildest. Not too many 9 pointers, but not one person with a back. We are just there, somewhere at the peak of the bell curve. We are kinda like the vanilla flavoured section of the 24 sections that we have.


We have the maximum contribution to the WC of IE CSE, with 8. We have a CR (along with Srijan) who regularly wins accolades in theatre. We have a set of brilliant coders, one of which almost won the WCS, we have artists, we have people in FM, RM, RnC, Project Manas (that too in AI) and we have the best designer in first year xD

I think we have crazy talent here but most of all I think my class is made of nice people who will help each other out in need. Our individualism is our key.

AND we’ve had some great memories too! I think those blank pages I talked about? They have been filled well :)

And I made some really good friends here! Ronald, Srijan, Udbhav, Mitra. Then my EEE brother Pranav. The Ted-Talk squad with Harshit, Pranjul and Samarth. And Pramod and Prajjwal. And my cure for the itch for slightly deeper and meaningful conversations, Aditi (you’re a saviour).

So yeah, that’s my section for you. I’ve said this once, and I’ll say this again:

Together we are strong. Individually we are mighty.

PS: Over the last one month I’ve tried to converse with as many people in the class as I could. If you think we still haven’t had a decent convo yet, please feel free :)


One thought on “Year End Flashback: My class

  1. Though I still couldn’t figure out the reason y we couldn’t socialize in person but can really speak like normal people over written media… But… I’ve always liked your literary sense!

    A perfect closing to the long 10 months of knowing each other! :D

    Short and Sweet! :)

    Keep writing! (Y)

    And now if you have time… do visit my blog too… A series on the same issue of year ending is on! :)


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